What we do

We love to craft innovative marketing and public relations solutions that are effective and simple to implement and manage.

Whether you need help with strategy, planning, creating or managing, we help you navigate marketing complexity by co-creating solutions with creativity, innovative thinking and pragmatism.


The business landscape is uncertain and everyone is busy.  Identifying new opportunities, fostering relationships, exploring possibilities, developing plans, assigning various resources and dealing various other challenges are just a few of the business activities that require your attention and focus.  We understand this paradigm and its complexities.

For many entrepreneurs and experienced business owners, devising a practical and simple marketing and public relations intervention can be a complex, time consuming process. We take various perspectives on challenges because we know the importance of agility, insights, making hard decisions, improving performance and delivering revenue.

Let us help you with any or a combination of the following services to help you achieve your business objectives.

Marketing Strategy Management

  • Marketing strategy, planning and devising
  • Marketing campaign strategy, planning, management and support
  • Marketing management improvements and optimization

Public Relations Management

  • Press release writing and distribution
  • Media management and engagement
  • Creating quality, engaging written content, copy writing and editing services

Social Media Management

  • Social media channel setup and management (Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter)
  • Creative conceptualization, design and visual brand alignment

Events Management

  • Corporate and SME event conceptualisation and execution
  • Launch events; products, buildings, campaigns, brand awareness
  • Knowledge sharing events

Brand Management

  • Brand identity conceptualization and design
  • Brand service and image surveys

Strategic Marketing Cost Management

  • Price planning
  • Profitability analysis
  • Marketing budgeting, spend analysis and cost optimization

Contact us today to discuss your needs and we can devise a solution that suits your business support requirements.

 strategic, practical, creative, innovative solutions that are simple to implement and manage …”

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